Never re-friend a person who tried to destroyed your character – Yemi Alade cautions

Singer Yemi Alade has cautioned that one shouldn’t be friends with people who have destroyed their relationship, money, and things in their lives anymore.

Yemi Alade in a previous post said she’s losing friends and she’s protecting her peace and now has advised that we shouldn’t re-friend someone or people who have destroyed our character, money, or even relationship anymore.

According to Yemi Alade, a snake only sheds its skin to become a bigger snake hence if you don’t want to be a victim to their new color, never re-friend those who tried to destroy your character, your money, and your relationship in any way.

Yemi Alade used how a snake sheds its skin to stand for people who change their attitude for a moment or pretend to have changed after trying to destroy your life in one way or the other saying they haven’t changed but just shed their skin.

Yemi Alade is right as it’s not wise and advisable to re-friend people who tried to destroy you or even succeeded in destroying you one way or the other since you can never tell what they have up in their sleeves this time around.

Such people are referred to as green snakes under green grass as it’s very difficult for an individual to read them or know exactly what they are up to but they always turn out to be poisonous with their bite and that destroys the life of the victim.

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