Never chase a man – Actress Efia Odo advises women, gives the reason


Ghanaian actress and TV show host, Efia Odo, warns women against chasing a man

Odo says that a man has to chase the woman he wants and not otherwise

The beautiful actress notes that a woman can also decline the proposal of a man if she does not like him

Ghanaian actress and TV show host, Efia Odo, is advising women against chasing men. Odo took to the popular microblogging platform, Twitter, to share her opinion.

Using the analogy of the fertilisation process, Odo said that the egg does not swim to the seed but vice versa.

A male follower with the Twitter handle @Plata_O_Plomo99 Sep 19, responded to Odo’s tweet that the egg has to meet the seed somewhere for fusion. He explained that the egg has to leave its original position, noting that a woman also has to show some interest in the man.

But Odo insists that a man still has to do the chasing if he wants a woman. She said that a woman does not have to want a man that approaches her, stating that she has the right to choose from the many options before her.

The actress said that a woman will not reject a man’s proposal if she thinks that he deserves her.

Another follower with the Twitter handle, @chayxe, however, stated that women do not have all the time by their sides as their eggs expire quickly but Odo countered him, saying, there is modern technology to help women freeze their eggs.