“Never been this afraid for my country, an average man can no longer afford a loaf of bread” – AY’s wife, Mabel complains about Nigeria’s economy

Mabel Makun, wife to popular comedian, Ayo Makun has taken to her Instagram page to speak about the economic situation in Nigeria.

The mother of two bemoaned the exchange rate, pointing out that it is destroying businesses. Mabel said that she is sick of seeing price increases because business is so slow right now.

She mentioned how the typical man can no longer buy a loaf of bread and how parents are pulling their children out of school in favour of tutors who come to their homes.

Mabel bemoaned the fact that everything has become luxurious and that even basic necessities are now expensive.

She said: “Never been this afraid for my country, Nigeria. Exchange rate is killing businesses. Weare tired of increasing prices! Business is now draining! An average common man can no longer afford a loaf of bread.”

“Parents withdrawing their kids from schools for home tutors. Basic needs are now luxury! Everything is high. affordability has suddenly become Fiction! What is the way out?”


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