Netizens react as danfo driver goes live on Tiktok while transporting passengers

Conflicting reactions from Netizens as a danfo driver in Lagos goes live on Tiktok while commuting with his passengers.

In the video, the driver could be seen driving with one hand, while also interacting with some fans on Tiktok.

He could still be heard requesting for the bus fees from some passengers as he managed to focus on the road and his phone, all at the same time.

Netizens react as Danfo driver goes on Tiktok live while carrying passengers in his bus
This video leaves many worried on the safety of the passengers in the bus, while some other internet users found his actions quite hilarious.

Here are some of the reactions below

clement89504 stated: “He should be arrested with immediate effect now”

odogwu_ego said: “This is fun, until someone sends him a lion, out of jubilation, he leaves the stirring 😂”

adaikwerre wrote: “If Only those who Died by Motor accident Could speak, you’ll hear them testify these drivers and their nonchalant attitude led them to their Early Graves. This shouldn’t be funny but everyone is laughing. I know life isn’t hard before una come remind me here, till you break a Bone caused by these drivers.”

mr_uzz asked: “Wait? He was the one driving? No way. I for don dey shout drop me drop me. What rubbish tiktok is he doing”

kerekenneth commented: “If he can manage both hustle then it’s fine”

harrie_n added: “Person go dey low-key based on one or two, na driver tiktok live go expose hin location 😂”

Watch video here

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