Nene Leakes reacts to claims that she spat on Kenya Moore


Nene Leakes has taken to Twitter to react to claims that she spat on her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star, Kenya Moore during the most recent episode of the reality show.

Footage of the battle showed up on the RHOA midseason trailer which dropped hours earlier. It showed Leakes being held back from physically attacking Moore. As they held her back, Leakes appeared to gather saliva in her mouth and gesture as if she were spitting.

But it turns out Leakes never did actually split, Moore has said.

Leakes also took to Twitter to reveal she didn’t spit at Moore but she says she wishes she had.

Clearing the air, Nene Leakes wrote: “She need 2 be spit on wit all the horrible things she has said & done! From constantly startin shit wit me all season, lying on me, sayin I’m on drugs & bipolar. Plus that recent tweet she posted so enjoy the moment!

“I DID the act but DIDNT SPIT! I Wish i had tho! No regrets.”

The rivalry between both women has gone on for a long time. Kenya Moore said during a visit to Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen back in November that Nene Leakes is dead to her.

She said: “I think she’s pretty much dead to me. When someone tries to spit on you, I think they’re not ever going to be friends with you.”