Ned Nwoko Mounts Nigerian Flag To Create Malaria Eradication Awareness In Antarctica (Photos)


Ned Nwoko mounts Nigeria flag in South Pole to create awareness on the eradication of malaria in Africa. After returning from Antarctica, Ned Nwoko took to Instagram to share his experience. He wrote, “Finally back from Antarctica. The strangest continent in the world.

It feels like it’s not part of this world. The average temperature was between -25 and -65 degrees that are between wolf fang and south pole itself. It took two separate flights totaling 12hours using a specially converted( o land on ice) basler 1943 aircraft from Wolf fang to South Pole.
“There was extreme cold, 24hrs daylight (no darkness), no airport, no immigration or custom, no land except glaciers and few rocks, no shops, no hotels, slept in body bags inside tents, Very windy, less than 5000 people and they are all research scientists from America, Uk, Germany, India, Russia, South Africa, etc.

Only 12 countries have had their flags hoisted at the South Pole, Nigeria is now the 13th country but Nigeria must take effective steps to ratify the 1961 treaty. 80% of the world’s freshwater is contained in the glaciers of Antarctica. It was a terrible experience for me but it was worth it. I showered twice in the week, ate frozen food brought from cape town, I wore 7 layers of special thermal cloths, 2 hand gloves, heavy boots. Human waste ( solid and liquid) are collected and sent back to Cape Town, nothing is left behind including normal refuse.

“I am happy that I met my objectives for the trip which is to create awareness for the eradication of malaria in Africa, met some scientists for the research for vaccine and the company that has done fumigation in Malaysia, and Florida. It is now time for work.”

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