Ned Nwoko Has Zero Sense Of Style And Fashion And Regina Daniels Should Be Blamed For It


Sense of style and class is never the same, so is wealth and sophistication. A person can have all the money in this life and still have zero fashion sense. That is the case of billionaire husband and business mogul Ned Nwoko.

Husband of young actress Regina Daniels is a walking embodiment of the adage money cannot buy class. Do you know what money can get you though? it can employ a good stylist to help you change that horrible sense of style. This is why we don’t understand why Ned Nwoko is always seen in clothes that look like he someone hand-picked from a cheap second-hand clothing store.

All the times we have seen Ned pictured beside Regina, it can easily be noticed that the man lacks in that department. Is it safe to say Regina is also to be blamed for some of these horrible wardrobe choices of her husband since she is a young sophisticated lady and a word or two can help sever this situation?

I mean you can’t be walking around town looking like a billion-dollar with the man who pays for the billion-dollar look having a zero sense of style. Who raised you?

Let us look at some pictures of Ned in the past months that connote this piece.