NCC reads riot act to telecoms firms, others over negative practices

Nigerian Communication Commisson complex, Abuja

The Nigerian Communications Commission which has been stressed over complaints about poor services rendered by telecommunication providers.

And also warning companies, agents and dealers over the sale of pre-registered SIM cards, noting that they pose a serious threat to national security.

The commission said that it is fully aware of such problems being faced by the Nigerian people in the telecom sector and has cautioned that it will impose stiffer sanctions against operators on cheating the system through poor network and charges.

Its Director of Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement, Efosa Idehen, gave the warning at a one-day regional sensitisation workshop on “Dangers of Dealing on Fraudulently Activated SIM cards” yesterday in Gombe.

Idehen said some agents of mobile networks produce fully activated SIM cards with fraudulent details and sell the same to customers. He cautioned: “Such an act is totally unacceptable.

NCC has arrested some agents and they have been charged to court. We are not going to compromise on the issue of driving those involved in the practice out of the market.

“Some unscrupulous people abuse the connectivity to make life difficult for others, hence the need to carry out basic know-your-customer processes on our users.

“Unfortunately, the subscriber registration journey has not been as smooth as it should be, given the very comprehensive efforts that went into the design of the process.”

Idehen added: “It is painful to note that we still have cases of sale of pre-registered Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) cards, breach of SIM registration processes, fraudulent registrations and other breaches.“To address these concerns, the NCC organised several meetings and sensitisation workshops with different stakeholder groups across the industry at different points in time.

“Some registration agents were arrested, machines confiscated, huge caches of fully activated SIMs confiscated, suspects prosecuted, fines imposed among others.”Notwithstanding its efforts to rein in the perpetrators, the commission has still confirmed the existence of pre- and improperly registered SIMs in every nook and cranny of the country.

Some consumers, Mrs Beatrice Ige and the Iyaloja of Oye Ekiti, Mrs O. Adegboyega, charged NCC to always impose sanctions on service providers engaging in act of extortion.

Delegates of telecom providers guaranteed Nigerians of value services conveyance in the year, promising to set out on the all-encompassing way to deal with bring information for subscribers to appreciate all advantages related with services they render.