“Naso your pako yansh go be soon- Fans blast Moyo Lawal (photo)


Its no more news that over 85% of female celebrities undergo surgery to have a big bum or huge front so as to increase social awareness.

Recently, controversial actress and fitness enthusiast, Moyo Lawal who is known for her voluptuous figure, gets blasted on social media after a viral photo of a lady’s bum surfaced online.

This photo which brought up mixed reactions, pictured a lady whose bum surgery went wrong as a result of an infected injection.

Meanwhile, an Instagram user who was identified as ‘dj4tacha’, took it hard as she replied the actress post saying

This no be burst �Na break. So na this kind yansh she they carry around, abeg lemme run quick, this one na point and diee because Naso ur pako yansh go be soon, rubbish������

Before this insult was rained, Moyo Lawal had already stated in the post she recently shared, telling her haters to stop asking so many questions.

So many questions ����p. S all u people asking stupid ‘is it not me question’ �it will be you…. Can ur head burst how then will my own bumbum burst �mscheew

Recall that the actress is not married and from our observations, we believe she’s single and not ready to jump into any relationship yet despite her sexy figure.