Naomi Campbell gets called out after she condemned a scantily-clad woman who twerked on DJ Khaled’s IG Live


Instagram users have called out Naomi Campbell after she condemned a scantily-clad women who connected to DJ Khaled’s Instagram Live video to twerk.

Naomi reacted to the video, writing: “Come on woman. Where is your self respect. SMH.”

A lot of people praised Naomi for cautioning the woman for her behaviours. However, others called the model a hypocrite and told her that she has done worse.

Some reminded her that she poses nude all the time, even as recent as this year. They adviced the super model to practice what she preaches. Others defended Naomi, saying modeling is her job and explained that it’s different from what the woman on DJ Khaled’s IG Live did. They said Khaled is married and the woman’s behavior was disrespectful to, not only Khaled, but also his family.

See comments calling Naomi out below.