Nancy Isime looks stunning as she shows off her new hairstyle


Nancy Isimi rocking new hairstyles different from the usual low cut blonde hairstyle.

Nancy isime is a very beautiful Nigerian actress with her unique styles and fashion. She’s one if the very few actress with hairstyle identity. She loves to rock the blonde low cut hairstyle which as become her brand identity.

She took to her social media page recently to share this beautiful pictures of herself not rocking the conventional hairstyle which is the blonde low cut and a nice cut beside it. She rocks the ever green not out dated Afro hairstyle with the caption “Must be that black girl magic”

Looking at the picture she looks so different unlike the blonde hair we are used to anyways, but one must confess she really rocks this hairstyle well.

Check out the beautiful picture.

Haven seen the picture, we want to know if this Pass or trash? Did she really rock it well or she should just maintain her normal low cut blonde hairstyle we are use to.