Naked man climbs off’ balcony after ‘he’s almost caught cheating with another woman’


A naked man was spotted using someone else’s balcony to get out of a building amid claims he was trying to avoid being caught cheating with another woman.
The clip was filmed by two flatmates, who were taking a walk in the garden, and who did not realise until later that the man had come from their apartment.

Liu and Zhao, the two friends renting a flat together in the city of Wuhan, in central China’s Hubei Province, had left their door unlocked while taking a quick stroll.

When they rounded their block, Liu noticed a naked man on the second-storey balcony, seemingly in a state of panic as he looked for an escape route.
But Liu realised that the man was actually standing on his and Zhao’s balcony, and whipped out his mobile phone to film the incident.
After noticing the pair recording on a mobile phone, the man ran back inside to put on a pair of red underpants and then put on a his white T-shirt.

He started lowering himself from the balcony using a rope and anchoring himself on the bars below, and then ran off without even putting on his trousers.
Liu later told local media that the man was visiting his married girlfriend, who was a neighbour in the block of flats.
He probably fled when her husband came home unexpectedly, Liu said.

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