Naira marley a adds new marlians rules


The founder of the Marlians group, known as Naira Marley has just added new Marlians rules to the Marlians score card. As the Celebrate 2020 Marlians Day.

The rules as he tweeted on Twitter is as follows

1. Know all Naira Marley songs

2. No Belt Gang

3. Learn to Legwork

4. Know how Marlians greet

5. Live life on your own terms

6. You drink straight liquor

7. Can Recite a Naira Marley verse

8. Been called a Marlian

9. Graduated

10. Know Tesumole Dance step

11. Watch Naira Marley perform live

12. Know Marlians Gang sign

13. Fearless

14. Don’t care what people think of you

15. Have done the Soapy Dance

16. Sleep Maximum of 5 hours

17. Has Dreads

18. Gotten out of paying Toll gate

19. Has been arrested before

20. Smoke weed