“Na you mumu oh!” – Papaya mocks her ex who regretted not sleeping with her after spending lavishly (Video)

Instagram Influencer, Abike Arab Money aka Papaya Ex, has sent a diss response to her ex-boyfriend, Toblad who recently cried out about not enjoying anything before their relationship ended.

He had claimed that they dated for two years and never for once did he take her to bed as there was always something preventing that from happening.

The young man made the revelation in a series of posts on his Instagram as he narrated what led to them splitting and how she hired soldiers to assault him.

In response, Papaya Ex noted that it was not her fault ashe’s the one who decided to act dumb and naive.

She sent her reply to the ex while she was clubbing with her sister and friend, and all of them repeatedly sang; “Na you mumu ohh”

Watch the video below:

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