“N400K salary is not enough to survive if you’re married with kids” — Political activist

A political activist identified as FS Yusuf stirs mixed reactions following his claim on how N400K salary is insufficient to sustain a married person monthly.

Yusuf in a tweet argued that the current economy of Nigeria cannot sustain a family to survive on a salary of N400K.

He pressed on to add an if statement on how it is possible only with the help of a rich family, friends and acquaintances.

“Except everyone in your family is doing well and your friends/acquaintance are doing well, else 400K/ month is no enough especially if you are married with kids in this country. Except you have no plans to save or invest. School fees for early child education can wipe full off month salary,” 
he wrote.

His claim, however, stirred mixed reactions, some of which agreed with his perspective and others disagreed.

Reactions trailing N400K salary for a family person

@Essay007 noted: “Unless you live in Abuja, Lagos, PH etc and live a flashy lifestyle. Many families survive on 100k – 150k with kids in private school”

@OscarUnusual wrote: “I know of a family man on 15k salary a month and here is my oga Yusuf saying 400k is not enough…. Abeg make wuna comot for wuna comfort zone,no be small thing dey happened”

@PastorHenryC stated: “What of us that earn 10% of that amount a month and we’re married, what are we going to do?”

@fabolousmezu penned: “I totally agree with you..and people dont understand the tweet, anybody can survive on any amount if u try, but if you honestly want to live a fulfilling, comfortable life, 400k a month cannot give u that especially a person with dependants.”

@royaltylight wrote: “Yusuf, how many pple are earning 400k a month in Nigeria that you know of in your circle? In Nigeria how many people you know earn 400k monthly legally through the job they do? So all those in sch, their parents earns 400k? 95 percent of s dnt earn 400k legally thru work oga.”

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