‘My stepson made love to me while his dad was away’– Woman confesses


Guilt has taken the better part of a woman who had sex with her own stepson while her husband (the step son’s father) was away and has subsequently spilled it all out.


The lady, identified as Esther Collins disclosed that the intercourse wasn’t consensual as her step-son dragged her and forced himself on her.

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She shared this story on an online platform which we stumbled upon while prowling on the net to fetch you random stories that will interest you.

Read the full story below:

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I am Esther Collins, married with a man last year November who has a grown son of 22 year old Kingsley Collins while i always respect him as a step son.

Despite all the respect and good things i have been giving him, he drugged me and forcefully had SeXX with me, while he didn’t know, I was six weeks pregnant already.

It happens yesterday, 30th, March, 2020, my husband Collins who traveled to close a contract deal on Friday in Abuja,

My husband son who just arrived from school, after serving him food while i also ate mine but unfortunately i didn’t know he dropped a substance in my food while I’m in the kitchen, I became weak after, to the extend that i can’t even fight him back when he forcefully slept with me.

The saddest thing about it is that, i have been confirmed six weeks pregnant while i was waiting for my dear husband to come and disclose it to him, I’m really depressed right now, as i don’t know whether i should tell my husband about it or not.

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