My side-chic is dating another man, but I love her and am hurt – Confused man seeks advice


Some men claim one wife is not enough but they still insist that two is also too much. It is for this reason they try to have a mistress outside of the marriage.

A man believed to be a Ghanaian has brought confusing to himself after his side-chic has proven to be so marriage worthy that although he cannot marry her, he doesn’t want to see her with another man.

In a letter addressed to a relationship counsellor, David Papa Bondze-Mbir, the married man said he wants the beautiful lady all for himself even though because of his wife he cannot marry her.

He is asking for advice on how to handle the dilemma.

Read his letter below:

“Hi Dave,

I am seeing this very decent young lady that I am very interested in. I wouldn’t mind marrying her any day, however, my wife wouldn’t accept her or even acknowledge the thought of a second wife. And so due to this I have kept this other relationship a secret.

The young lady promised fidelity to only me. She assured me I was the only one she’s seeing and also, having sex with. But I saw her coming out of another man’s car, and then, entering into a hotel. I called her many times that instant before she finally answered my call. I asked where she was and she lied being at work. I wanted to enter the hotel premises to catch her in the lie, but I didn’t.

We met yesterday evening, and she was still insisting she was at work the whole of yesterday. Do I trust such a woman with my heart? Because I really love her, and want her for myself. “