“My mum was sweeping the living room and this girl raised her legs for her to sweep under them” – Man says, as he dumps his girlfriend for watching his mother sweep upon her first visit

A Nigerian Poet has narrated how he dumped his girlfriend after she visited his mother’s home for the first time.

According to the man, he already presumed that the relationship will end upon her first visit on the account that perhaps, he knew she will not meet his mother’s expectations.

He revealed that his girlfriend was seated in the living room when his mother started sweeping and to utmost surprise, his girlfriend watched his mother sweep without making any attempt to assist her.

He added that just after his mother finished sweeping, she asked his girlfriend to leave the house for failing to meet her expectations. In most cases, it will be expected of the lady to take the broom from the mother and sweep but since she ignored it, it is presumed that she is not fit to marry her son.

See the screenshot below:

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