My Mother Told Me Actresses Are Prostitutes – Beautiful Actress, Fazzima

Nollywood actress Jumoke Samuel alias Fazzima

Not many parents take kindly to their wards going into the entertainment world, particularly, acting and beautiful Yoruba actress, Jumoke Samuel known as Fazzima has her own story to tell on how she fought her mother to break free to pursue her dream in the make-believe world.

According to her, her mum had put her foot down that she wouldn’t allow her go wayward as she pointed out that girls that go into acting turn into prostitutes because of the worldly lifestyle they are exposed to.

“I started acting since 2010, but before then my mom did her best to discourage me, saying, I should not go into acting, that, those girls that act are prostitutes. When I finished secondary school I felt I was of age,and I would sneak out of the house from Ibadan and travelled down to Lagos.

“There is one aunt called Jumoke I had then in Lagos that stayed in Alagbado, she was the one that helped me to become an actress. My mother never liked it but I kept going to locations secretly behind her back because I had fallen in love with acting as a child,” she quipped in a chat with Potpourri while highlighting how she started her journey in the movie industry. Even though she almost succumbed to her mother’s pressure she soon found out she was wrong.

Jumoke Samuel alias Fazzima has featured in many films that she could not count them off her fingers. Some of the ones she starred include, Simisola, Olutana, Edidi, Mewa Mewa, Silent Cry, Ending in Silence, and some English movies too.