My mom sacrificed, not getting married again just to take care of me – Actress Blessing Obasi Nze celebrates her mother

Nollywood actress Blessing Obasi Nze has given special appreciation to her mother.


She spoke during a Night of Tributes held in honor of her mother, who passed away on February 4th, 2024.


According to the actress, her late mother was a disciplinarian with fierce, unconditional love who dedicated herself to raising her as a single parent.


She said;


“My mom is and was a blessing to this generation. My mom was a disciplinarian. She loved, my mom loved with reckless abandon. No matter what you do to her, one thing like everyone has said, If you do anything, my mom will not hold it oo. Instantly, she would tell you whoever you are…. She lived a beautiful life. My mother lived a very, very good life. And I am grateful. It’s such a privilege for me to have been born by her. It’s such a privilege. I think people have said so much about it. My mom is very hard-working. My mom brought me up single-handedly and she gave me the best that life could offer, and I don’t take that for granted. My mom sacrificed, not getting married again, just so that she can just focus on me. She didn’t want any stepfather issues or anything, no. That’s the kind of person my mother was. She’s in a beautiful place, and for me, the major lesson here is how well are you living your life? What would you be remembered for, really? I think that’s the most important thing, really. What would you be remembered for? “

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