‘My manhood only works when I’m with my girlfriend’ – Man cries out

A worried man has shared his woes with social media users via a platform concerning his sexual life and is seeking answers to his questions.

The man whose identity was not revealed at the time of filing this report published by Ghbase.com revealed that he is in a serious relationship with a lady but his manhood does not work anytime he tries to have sex with another woman apart from her girlfriend.

According to him, his manhood works perfectly well and he is able to go long journey during sexual intercourse with his girlfriend but his dick does not function or is unable to get erection when he encounters another woman and this has happened to him on three occasions.

He noted that due to this, can’t cheat on his girlfriend even if he wants to because of the embarrassment it causes him and he does not know what is wrong with him.

His narration reads;

“I was a player and a heartbreaker until I meet my present girlfriend, whose initial plan was to use and dump, but it is no longer possible because I’ve been dating her for over one year now.

She is a good girl, respectful, nice, and everything a man wants in a girl but the daughter of a native doctor, which I was warned about.

Although she is a good partner, I still want to have other girls but I noticed that whenever i want to get down with other girls my manhood will refuse to work., not once, not twice, not thrice. The thing has made me not bother about going after other ladies because of the shame it ends up bringing me.

But surprisingly it always comes alive and I last longer whenever I’m having it with her. I discussed it with my friend and he told me it might have been spiritually ‘passworded’ by her. I need advice urgently.”

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