My man asked for financial help, I gave him my card but he went on a shopping spree for a babymama and child I didn’t know he had – Lady cries out

A lady has narrated how her boyfriend paid her back in brutish way after she decided to help him out financially.

Identified as Zinhle, the lady said she gave her card to her boyfriend because he was in need of financial assistance but he ended up using her card to get baby items for a secret child which he had. She still forgave him after discovering he has a child and baby mama, but her man was unrepentant as he still impregnated the baby mama again.

Taking to her Twitter account, Zinhle wrote: “I gave my card to my then boyfriend when he said he was in need of financial assistance. “I found out he went shopping for his baby’s clothes and food, a child I didn’t know off,he begged and begged eventually I forgave him and he went and impregnated the baby mama again. He would tell me he doesn’t have money for petrol and I would fill up his tank, the baby mama not even working by the way”.

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