“My kind of Man must have fresh breath because i like kissing”-Actress Lizzy


Lizzy gold born Lizzy Gold Onuwaje is a Nigerian actress and model.


She joined the film industry for the Nigerian movies called Nollywood back in 2012.

She has starred in lots of movies with her success including Agaracha the Lioness (released in 2016), Love is all she needs and Dangerous women.

According to Tontrends: Nollywood Actress ,LizzyGold onuwaje gives the essential qualities she want in a Man.

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During the Interview she said she can’t stand seeing her husband everyday,it doesnt arouse her feeling.

She want a Man who would be very busy and would go for 2 week .

During that period of his absence, she said she prefers using social media platforms to communicated with her husband which makes the love grow during his absence.

In addition to the above,she gave other essential qualities she want in a man.

She said:

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“ You must be older than me with about 5 years, I want to always look young before my man. You must never use pink lips balm on your lips. You must keep clean low hair cut, no weaving of hair, no afro and no plenty beard. You must never sag down your trousers, I love a complete well dressed gentleman.You must have a fresh breath because I love kissing. You must smell nice always and you must never pierce your ear, nose or any part of your body…no tattoos too. You must talk less ..don’t like men who talk too much and you must be good in bed…very important. You must be God-fearing and you must be romantic, I love gifts and surprises,”.


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