My journey so far, Mr Marcaroni testified


Instagram comedy has become an easy sell by the Theater Arts graduate of Redeemers University, Mr Macaroni

Debo Adebayo popularly known as Mr Marcaroni boom his popularity with his special niche.

His style of comedy can be best described as hilarious, sexual, tasty and morally conscious and least we forget his now-famous slangs like ‘You are doing well’ ‘freaky freaky’ ‘fantabulous’ ‘Are you there’ have become regular anthems around the country.

For Mr Macaroni 2020 has been an amazing year for him so far and in his words, it can be described as ‘Fantabulous.’

“It was not fantabulous, four different universities, started at one reading Law then we had issues with accreditation. NUC just woke up one day and said the course wasn’t accredited and we led a protest then after which I left because of ALUTA issues and went to another one in Cotonou.

I had issues with one lecturer and it almost went physical. They always like to test me and I’m a gentle guy, I don’t like problems.

“So after the one in Cotonou, I said I wasn’t going to school again. I said maybe school is not meant for me. I told my parents that if I’ll ever have to go back to school, I’ll study theater arts because that was what I had always wanted to do. Then I got admitted into another uni Ekiti to study theatre arts. On getting to the school, the dean called me to inform me that they had not started theater arts yet. They then offered me English and Media studies. I wasn’t impressed and stayed till my second year before I finally went to the last university which I was enjoying until my last year when the drama happened. I remember Pulse came to interview me in my house but finally, I graduated and got the certificate,” he said.

My career in entertainment suddenly boom not because of money, but because of passion I have towards the job. Someone may be funny, still yet they are not popular.

This is my short academic story. Glory be to God for everything.