My husband is gay, I still beg him for sex but he isn’t ready to – Heartbroken woman cries out

A Nigerian woman has cried out for help after finding out that her husband is gay.


According to the lady, the husband has refused to sleep with her.


Narrating her ordeal, the woman said she and her husband have been married for 4 years and they have an adorable daughter.


She added that she has not had s3x in 2 years and does not have it in her to cheat, nor does she want to get a divorce.


She wrote:


“Been married for almost 4years, not had s3x in over 2 years, found out my husband is gay, he denied it at first but now it’s confirmed! We have a daughter now. Even after finding out his s3xuality, I still beg him for s3x but he isn’t ready to, but I can’t get myself to have s3x with anybody else.


Even though I get advances every now and then. I also don’t want to get a divorce because what will I tell my family? My daughter adores her dad plus he takes care of the family. I am s3x-starved!!! God, I tried to even use a dildo, i struggled to put it in cos my Vag… hasn’t received a dick in so long. It’s fear of God that’s not allowing me have s3x outside, but even my husband has told me to look for another partner. Mehn! This life no balance. I am lust scared really”


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