“My heart has been bursting with joy” – Omoni Oboli celebrates as her first son Tobe gets engaged to his lover Marelle

Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli took to Instagram to share an emotional post, in honor of her first son Tobe’s engagement.

In her post, she wrote, ‘ My heart has been bursting with joy and 1 can’t keep it anymore! It was a cold winter night when our son Tobe asked the love of his life Marelle to marry him. We are so thankful for the gift of this absolutely perfect and gorgeous daughter. Thank you Tobe for choosing a wife that shares our family’s values. We are absolutely in love with our new family and God has been too good to US. Marelle wanted a simple diamond ring with 3 stones and trust @bozdiamonds to deliver exactly what she asked for 100 Online aunties and uncles we have a wedding’

Omoni Oboli’s post shows that the engagement did not happen just recently because she mentioned that she couldn’t keep it in anymore, which implies that they’ve been keeping it secret for a minute.

Not much is known about Omoni Oboli’s first don Tobe, even though she constantly posts him online. However, his age is known, as 2024 will make him twenty-three years old because his mother Omoni Oboli made a post in 2018, celebrating his seventeenth birthday. He often pops up in family videos, and Omoni Oboli has often stated that he doesn’t like appearing in videos. This has probably helped him stay off the public radar and lead a quite life.

Despite the fact that she celebrated his engagement online, Omoni Oboli still guarded her son’s privacy by not tagging him or his fiancé in the post. This adds to the mystery of Tobe Oboli and it is undeniably intriguing.

As someone who got married early and had kids while she was quite young, Omoni Oboli is living to enjoy the benefits of early motherhood by witnessing her first son get engaged when she’s just forty-five years old. He must have also taken a cue from her, since he got engaged at the ripe age of twenty-three, which is not very common these days.

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