My girlfriend wants me to use N700k out of N1m salary to rent apartment – Man seeks advice

A Nigerian man has revealed that odd request his girlfriend made regarding accommodation that left him confused.

He said that he he earns N1million monthly and his girlfriend asked him to rent a place for N700,000.

According to the guy, his babe wants an apartment that costs that much because it will be convenient for her.

He said she promised to contribute N200,000 but he is not comfortable with the idea which he believes is a bad one.

He wrote; “I need advice. I earn 1m a month. My gf wants me to get a place that will cost me 700k monthly just because it will be convenient for her.

She said she will contribute 200k. I think it’s a bad idea. Please advice”.

In other news, a Nigerian lady has expressed regret for meddling in her parents marital issues as it resulted in she and her siblings being excluded from family meals.

The woman known as Pera, said her dad and mum were always fighting verbally in their presence and it was getting irritating.

The children decided to wade into the matter, so they asked their parents to just get a divorce if they can no longer tolerate each other.

According to her, she and her siblings contacted a lawyer for that purpose, and their mother said they would consider the suggestion, but what happened was that she stopped giving them food.

Pera, who shared the story on Instagram, said her mother started cooking for only she and her husband, so when the kids asked for food, they told them to go and meet the divorce lawyer.

The lady also recalled that her mother locked the food store for two weeks. She said that that her parents never fought in their presence since that incident.

In her words; My parents o.. those people use to fight plenty yeye fight one time (not physical o).. we were getting so irritated.. so my siblings and I called them together to have a meeting so I led the meeting as per first born things.. after telling them how tired we were of their constant quarrels I said “my siblings and I have spoken to a divorce lawyer and we think both of u should get a divorce.. thank God ur kids are now adults” my siblings too nodded

My mum asked whose decision it was.. we said all of us they thank us and said they will think about it.. Later that night mum made food for her husband alone we asked for our food she asked us to go and meet lawyer my dad and his wife did gbonku gbonku with us for 2 weeks straight.. for one week dey dint even answer our greetings she would say “my forever come and eat no force on earth can break us not even the worms that came out of us” then her “forever’ will reply saying ” the wife of my youth and the one that will be by myself when my hair turns grey I will love u till eternity.

Well sha they never fought in front of us again and even if they do my siblings and I already vowed never to put mouth in their matter again.. As in iya yemi locked her food store and hid the key for 2 weeks!!! There is no loyalty in this world at all.

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