My girlfriend called me after I lost my job to say she’s no longer comfortable with the relationship, then she broke up with me – Nigerian man


A Nigerian man has recounted how his girlfriend dumped him less than 24 hours after he became unemployed. The man identified as @manlike_sammy revealed that he lost his job due to reasons he did not disclose but his girlfriend called him the next morning to express her intention to discontinue the relationship.

The girlfriend told him that she was no longer comfortable with the relationship and broke up. However, he got another job not long after and wondered if her rejection helped create an avenue for him to become gainfully employed again.

In his words:“I remembered when I lost my job, my ex called me one morning and told me she’s not longer comfortable with the relationship and she needed to quit. I tried to make her understand that everything is going to be okay but she insist we should end the relationship. I was in pain almost a month.. I couldn’t do anything.

One day a friend of mine came to my house and told me about a job vacancy. However, i went for an interview and was later employed by the company. Was my ex a bad luck in my life? Maybe she is not. Maybe she was my destiny pavement.”