“My gender doesn’t stop men from spending on me”, Bobrisky says


Popular Nigerian cross dresser and alleged gay man, Idris Olorunwaje Okuneye has opened up on why men spend money on him.

According to the Yoruba born bleaching expert, Men spend on his because of his “beauty” not minding his gender.

He even added that men can spend their “last card” (The only money they have) on him.

In a video he shared on his Instagram page, The Yoruba born social media sensation said that the reason why men treat him so is because of his beauty.

Bobrisky added that the hate that people have for him will not stop him from collecting money from all their “boss”.

Bobrisky wrote;

“Y do u think dis men spend their last card on me… They don’t even care about my gender anymore . All they care about now is my beauty. Forget I fine die. Haters will hate. See ur hate won’t stop me from collecting big money from all ur boss ”

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