“My future husband deserves better” – Virgin lady says, reveals how she ‘fled’ after following man on all-expenses-paid trip to Maldives

A Nigerian writer, Praise Oghre has revealed that she abandoned a man who took her on a vacation because she was not comfortable with certain parts of the arrangement.

She said he had been begging her to follow him on an all-expense-paid trip to Maldives so she finally agreed.

Praise, however, said that when they reached there, the guy had booked a hotel and paid for them to sleep in the same room.

The young lady said she booked the next flight back to Nigeria and left him in Maldives because she was only expecting to keep him company and not do anything intimate.

She revealed that she is still a virgin and would not want to give it up just because someone took her on a vacation.

Praise wrote; “Some men can be so unreasonable, this guy begged me to go on a vacation with him to Maldives 🇲🇻, Becos he doesn’t have anyone to go with, though all expenses was on you, getting there, i discover dat we will be staying in same hotel room…

I have to book the next available flight The next morning to return home. I mean he asked me to keep him company, not to be sleeping together. 😪 I can’t give out my virginity because of a common vacation. My future husband deserves better.”

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