My friend found out her fiance is on the FBI list after 5 years of waiting for him


A lady has revealed that her friend’s fiance is one of the Nigerians on the released FBI’s list of fraudulent people.

The lady claimed that her friend discovered the shocking news after the list was released.

According to her, the lady waited for the man for five years only to find out he might go to jail. earlier reported that the United States government released a list of names of Nigerians who are suspected of conducting fraudulent activities. The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) was said to have released names of 80 Nigerians.

In a recent development, a lady has taken to Twitter, claiming that the fiance of one of her friends is on the FBI list.

According to the Twitter user, the man’s name was listed as number 26. looked through the list and discovered the list was divided into different categories with different number 26.

However, the list shared by the lady shows one Emeka P. Ejiofor. The lady noted that her friend only found out about the alleged fraud accusation leveled against her fiance after the list was revealed.

The Twitter user identified simply as @_EnuguFirstLady noted that her friend waited for her fiance for five years only for something horrible to happen to him.