My friend betrayed me by going for the rich guy I was doing ‘shakara’ for while toasting me – Nigerian lady

A Nigerian lady has revealed how she and her close friend fell out because she went behind her back to snatch a rich guy that was interest in her.

The young woman known as @chiii_bekee said she was playing hard to get for the man, whereas her friend decided to sleep with him in secret.

According to her, the friend told her that she was not serious so she decided to tke her place in the guy’s heart.

However, the man was allegedly abusive and according to the betrayed girl, her friend was chased out of the relationship with beating.

When @chiii_bekee was asked why she was playing hard to get for him, she clarified that she didn’t like the guy.

Her response left people baffled because they could not understand why she was offended that a her friend went for a man she disliked.

She explained that she had no issue with her friend going for him, just that she did not like how the girl was being sneaky about it.

She wrote; “I was still doing shakara for one rich guy that was toasting me and my best friend at the time rushed to go and sleep with him. She said I wasn’t being serious. They beat her out of the relationship.”

Reacting, @kaptain_stephen wrote; But why you sef go dae do Shakara 😅

@chiii_bekee replied; I didn’t like the guy

@Chike04_ said; Then she did nothing wrong. If you didn’t like the guy, why are you against your friend going for him?

@chiii_bekee responded; I’m not against it, she just didn’t have to do it sneakily or at my back.

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