My father told me to go and crush my head on the truck that I willl never prosper – Emeka Ike’s son Michael spills dad’s messages to him (Video)

A video that contains a voice note where Nollywood actor Emeke Ike tells his son Micheal to go and crush his head on the truck has surfaced online and by extension triggered mixed reactions among social media users.

Also, in the exclusive chat with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, Micheal claimed that his father cursed his music career, saying he won’t prosper or meet music producer Don Jazzy.

The viral video circulating online showcases the son composedly sitting next to his mother while narrating the harsh comments he claims his father made during their tense relationship.

Speaking about his father in the chat, Michael Ike shared details of their discussions and his experiences on several occasions, stating: “He (father) said whether she wants to kill my siblings, to be like it’s only him that is alive. Let everyone kill themselves.”

“He (father) said he has friends who are my age around the world. I was like, is that supposed to faze me? The next morning, I got a 10-minute voice note. This is not the first time he’s sent me a voice note insulting my life.”

“He (father) said, ‘You’re doing music, you’ll never prosper. I’ll see you on the side of the road, and I’ll spit on you. Don Jazzy would never see you.”

I was given loads of evidence about this behaviour including multiple such VoiceNotes. Charles requested to speak on the record in this interview because he feels his life is at danger from his father, and believes his siblings and his mum especially are not safe.
He is convinced if the world doesn’t hear him and hear these, the world won’t believe the danger his entire family is facing at this time.”

Watch the vidoe below;

See reactions below;

oluwabukolabajayi: If you are here, justifying a father, telling his son to go off hims***elf, regardless of his frustrations, you are also suffe**ring from trauma.

big_joee: I supported my mom in everything when I was growing up, she was never wrong in my eyes till I started dealing with women, then I understood all my Dads complains and frustrations. Now when my mum reports my Dad to me I correct her and tell her where she went wrong. When this boy started dealing with women on real life issue he will understand his fathers frustration.

papilarry_: This is appalling. Coming from a father to his son. 😮.

thesocialmediachiefng: A woman finally leaves her abusive husband who has been going around granting issues. The one time she grants an interview, she has been called all sort of names. You Nigerians always blame women for the seperation of a marriage,are Nigerian women cürșêd to be treated with so much ďisdain? If a woman choose to stay in an abusive marriage and diè’s, she is blamed, same way you all blamed the gospel singer. Now a woman found the courage to leave and she is still being blamed. Why wont you people hear her out? For a grown up soon to support his mother its abuse the dad here is the problem, stop enabling abusive men by trying to silence this woman and her son.

veekeyzofficial: This voice note sounds like a frustrated father if you listen properly, this actually exonorates Emeka and his claims of being blackmailed. I’m not supporting him, I am just judging by this voice note. It is well with that family 😢.

zevigins: He mentioned “stress, and blackmail”… have you guys thought about what stress can lead to? Have you guys thought of what your mental state can be when you are being blackmailed? Pray never to be with a woman that will use your own children against you…SAD TO SEE A WOMAN SEAT DOWN AND DERIVED PLEASURES WHILE HER SON HUMILIATES HIS FATHER PUBLICLY.

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