‘My father doesn’t like surgeon lab made monster’ – Fan trolls Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa

Media personality Toke Makinwa has got herself into a dirty fight with a troll.

It all happened when she took to social media to interact with her fans.

A fan asked Toke Makinwa what’s she been about and how she spends her life.

She answered, ‘Working, fucking, sleeping, getting my life girl….‘

However, another fan who was bent on annoying Toke followed up with his own comment.

He wrote, ‘I believe you except working, I don’t think you’ve got a day job. You are a socialite, how you afford your lifestyle is still something I can’t get my head around‘.

So easily he was able to get under the skin of the media personality who fired back saying, ‘it’s easy, ya daddy got me‘.

This is how things got escalated! In three statements the troll destroyed Toke Makinwa, using unprinted words on her.

‘Nah Toke, first of…my dad doesn’t do a loudmouth halfwit.
Secondly, I heard you are a bunny-boiler and know him very well he detest women like that.
Lastly, he doesn’t like surgeon lab made monster….YUK!‘

Come on!! This is too harsh!!!