My experience getting apartment before marriage — Osinbanjo reveals

Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, the Vice President of Nigeria, has gone down memory lane.

He recalled how demanding it was to get an apartment just before his marriage.

Osinbajo shared his experience via his verified Twitter account on Wednesday.

He recalled how his then-landlord rolled out three categories of people he will not rent his property to.

“In 1989, I was about to get married and I was searching for a good house to rent. I met my landlord who happened to be an elderly lawyer who obviously did more real estate than legal practice,” he said.

“He let me know that there were three categories of people he would not rent property in his care to – Igbos, Ijebus and lawyers. I was disqualified on two accounts. He then said to me, pointing behind him at a few shrivelled-up books on a small bookshelf, that he had the arsenal to destroy any tenant in court if I gave him any trouble. He later, to his embarrassment, discovered that I was a Law teacher and adviser to the then Attorney General of the Federation and of course, that I am also Ijebu.

“I have shared this story to illustrate a point that I think is hugely important which is that prejudice and bias are natural aspects of human nature. Everyone has prejudices and preferences that are reinforced by stories and narratives.”

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