My embarrassing moments with female fans – Scott Roberts


Actor , Scott Roberts has revealed that he sometimes gets weird and embarrassing messages from fans.

He told Inside Nollywood how a female fan once said she would love to kiss him:

“I manage my female fans well. Sometimes I act like I don’t see some of these messages they send to me. And if they are not so annoying, I simply say hello. A fan once sent me a message saying ‘I would love to kiss you.’ Some of them say they would love to spend time with me. It all makes me laugh.”

Asked why he plays more of lover boy roles, Roberts ejaculated: “I don’t want to believe that I have been typecast as a lover boy because there are a lot of movies I have appeared in that have nothing to with playing lover boy roles! We are all lover boys and lover girls.”

Speaking further he denied taking a break from acting.

“I didn’t take a break from acting; I have been doing a lot of other things. I have a movie that just came out entitled. The Good. Sola Sobowale and Alex Usifo starred in the movie.”