My elder sister married my ex-boyfriend so I got pregnant for him as payback – Ghanaian lady reveals

A Ghanaian woman narrated how she got pregnant intentionally with her sister’s husband.

The woman, who was not named, claimed that she dated the man, known as Mike, before her sister swooped in and took him away. According to the woman, Mike had been rude to her sister and refused to answer her calls, leading her sister to advise her to move on.

A few years later, the woman was shocked to find out that her sister was getting married to Mike. Overcome with anger, she hatched a plan for revenge. She feigned a friendly relationship with her sister, warming her way back into her life. When her sister was out of the house, the woman visited her sister’s home and seduced her husband, which led to her pregnancy.

This video has sparked intense discussions on social media, with many people expressing shock and disbelief at the woman’s actions. Some have criticized her for intentionally trying to hurt her sister, while others have expressed empathy for her, suggesting that her actions may have been driven by deep-seated anger and resentment.

Revenge is a powerful emotion that can lead to harmful behavior, and it is important to understand that it rarely results in long-term satisfaction. In this case, the woman’s actions are likely to have a lasting impact on her relationship with her sister, her sister’s marriage, and her own life.

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