“My dress is going to get shorter and my shirt is going to get more revealing” – Tiwa Savage

Afrobeats singer Tiwa Savage reveals that her early days in the Nigerian music industry were fraught with obstacles due to her provocative outfit and music style.

In a recent interview with BET Talks, Tiwa Savage recounted being criticized, having her songs banned, and even being denied performance opportunities because of her sensual image.

She shared that other female artists faced similar discrimination in the industry.

She recalled instances where she was turned away from performing due to her outfit, illustrating the challenges she had to overcome in order to establish herself as a successful musician.

She declared that she would continue to push boundaries by wearing even more revealing clothing, refusing to conform to societal expectations.

In her words:

“They get overlooked and they can’t do soundchecks, initially when I first moved back, I would turn up for a show and they would say I couldn’t perform because of my outfit.

“I am very stubborn. So I was like my dress is just going to get shorter and my shirt is going to get more revealing”.

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