MUST READ: Why Kenyan women fall hard for Nigerian men


The Kenyan writer of this article was said to have spent a few days in Nigeria and her observations on the reasons why her country women fall hard for Nigerian men are overwhelming.

By Cate Mukei

Kenyan women love foreign men. That is an open secret. The further a dude is from Kenya, the better. Tanzania and Uganda is not ‘foreign’. Nigeria and anywhere in West Africa is. But foreign men think Kenyan women are cheapskates.

Our girls will bend all the rules to please Naija men. They don’t mind dropping their ‘feminism’ guns when a Naija bro comes knocking.

Take this example. A month ago, a video featuring a half-naked Kenyan girl dancing seductively for a man with a heavy Nigerian accent (who could only be heard in the background) went viral.

‘Shiro,’ the dancing queen, was dropping it like it’s hot, shaking what her mama gave her to the joy of her man who couldn’t hide his excitement.

‘Turn, Shiro, turn!’ Oga shouted in the typical Nigerian accent that made the word ‘turn,’ sound like ‘ton,’ as he encouraged the enthusiastic dancer to let loose in the four-minute clip, which he promised to delete after the show.

Trust me, if the man in question was a Kasyoki, Kamande or Ondiek, Kenyan women would have taken to the streets to protest.

Remember the controversial Nairobi-based Nigerian businessman Anthony Chinedu?

Before he was deported in 2013, he was quoted as saying, ‘We are doing Kenya a favour by marrying their women. I have never heard of a Kenyan man marrying a Nigerian…’

This led to a debate pegged on why Kenyan women fall head-over-heels for Nigerian men.

This writer spent a few days in Nigeria which gave her an opportunity to observe the Naija brodas, some of whom pointedly declared that it’s ‘cheaper’ to maintain a Kenyan woman than a Naija one.

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