MUST READ: This Guy Has Been Having Se x His Long-Lost Twin, Not Knowing They Are Related


Imagine the nonsense the gay thing is causing! A New Jersey couple had the surprise of their life after a DNA test proved the lovers were in fact twin brothers. Both men were induced into going for DNA tests after friends and family members urged them to check out if they had any family ties due to their remarkable resemblance.
“We did the tests partly as a joke and to shut up some of our friends who were constantly teasing us about being cousins. Never did I expect to learn we were in fact long lost twins.”

Jason admits, visibly disheartened by the news. “The man that I expected to spend my life with, my soul mate, is in fact my twin brother. I don’t know if I have to cry or to jump with joy,” he said in tears.

Jason Osbourne and Alex Brown, who met two years ago during a modeling gig in New York, have since been inseparable. Now, the thing is how they are going to break the gay “attraction” between them.


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