MUST READ: Guys, Come and Read What Women Really Want


Do you know a girl can be with you and be sleeping with other men for years and you won’t know? But if a lady calls you, the same girl who is cheating on you will start shouting that you are cheating on her. Lol! Women? If you find yourself with a wrong one just send her away before it’s too late.

But there are good girls out there and if you find one, love her well. Read what VeeLuv wrote…

The needs or should I say wants of women are so diverse that it even differs in each of them. What this woman wants is different from what the other wants thus making the frustration and anger of the men folk very understandable. A man might have a sour relationship with a woman for a certain reason and when he tries to correct it in his next relationship, things go sour again because the new one wants what the old one didn’t want and this brings about the saying that women are so complicated and do not know what they want.

The truth is that human beings are insatiable not just the women. So pleasing them in every way is very impossible. But the good news is there are certain things EVERY woman craves for which when found, can make them very happy.

The first thing is comfort. No woman wants to be uncomfortable in her relationship. For a man to make his woman comfortable, he must have something doing and dreams of getting bigger. This doesn’t mean she is materialistic. There are just some things that cannot be changed and one of them is the fact that a woman needs to take care of herself and look good every time for her man. The men should be happy about that and not complain about it. Or don’t they want something good for themselves?

Another thing a woman needs is attention. Once she gets divided attention, the first thing that comes to her mind is that there is another woman, which might not be the case. It might be work, family issues or something else that has been bothering and taking their time. What the men need to do is talk to them about it. Instead of trying to settle it on your own, why not share it with her and work things out together. That way, you’re giving her the attention she needs and attending to other things at the same time. Every woman likes feeling special. Take her out every once in a while, spend time with her, make her know your friends, offer listening ears and most of all, TRY to be there whenever she needs you.

Thirdly, a woman needs a man that understands her. Someone that knows when she is angry and how to calm her nerves, someone that knows what makes her upset and what makes her happy. Not someone that can’t detect when something is wrong. They need their man to understand their feelings and respect it. Of course as a man, you deserve respect but she deserves some respect too. One secret about women is that they reciprocate on impulse. Once she is loved, she gives love back. Now, this is not magic so it doesn’t work when you’re with a woman that doesn’t love you.

Most importantly, every woman wants to be trusted. The men should realize that women know what they want and that nobody wants something bad for himself/herself. Give your woman some space. She needs freedom too. Don’t suspect her every move. Give her a benefit of doubt. Trust her judgements. Yes, it’s true that you can’t be right all the time and everyone needs correction at one point or the other. Correct them but be nice about it.
I know some of you reading this (especially the men) will say “how come the men get to do all this, what then will the woman do?” The truth is you tend to enjoy a woman who’s happy. Once she’s happy, everyone around her will be happy, especially YOU. It might seem difficult to do all that I mentioned above but just give it a trial. Happiness is worth sacrificing for. And never forget that nobody is perfect. We are all in a quest for perfection. A happy woman makes a happy home. Let us practice this and see where it gets us. Have a happy relationship. The woman is not as difficult as you think.

– Good luck guys, that’s all I will say about this epistle of what the woman want.


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