Must Read: 7 Things She wants You to do with your Mouth in bed but can’t tell You

Mid adult couple relaxing on bed

So, if you want to drive her crazy and excite her, you should do these 6 things below, using your mouth.

1. Kiss: A kiss is not simply a promise of what to come, it is also a way to rebuild intimacy between you and your partner. Take your time and kiss her to begin foreplay, also give her kisses intermittently during the session so she remembers exactly who is making love to her.

2. Lick: Your tongue is also capable of exciting her. The soft feel of it and the accompanying moistness can ignite her body parts. Try not to overdo it though, you are trying to tease her, not lick her skin off. Tongue her neck, bre asts, tummy and cli toris to drive her wild.

3. Nibble: Your teeth on her can also be pleasurable. Nibble gently at first and let her show you the pressure that turn her on. It can be pretty hot to give her bottom lips, ni pples, ears and inner thighs a nibble to add tha extra se xual jolt.

4. Whisper: There is something really intimate about whispering in a lady’s ears. Simply going close to her and say, “take off your panties”straight into her ears can send a pleasurable shiver down her spine.

5. Su ck: Sucking on her bo obs, ni pples and even gently on the cli toris can be a total turn on. This gives her a midpoint feeling between licking and nibbling so if she wants something stronger than your tongue but not as sharp as nibbling, then suck away.

6. Talk dirty: Every hot se x session just has to include dirty talking. Turn her on with your words and you won’t even need to do more with your hands, because she is almost there already. Tell her how you want to make love to her, tell her how she hot she makes you feel, etc.

7. Compliment: A woman wants to know you find her beautiful and se xy. She will feel more confident if you make her feel like the prettiest girl in the world. So, say the words, and she will melt for you.


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