Mum-of-three snaps pregnancy photos with her bloated tummy to make up for not taking them while pregnant with all three kids


A mother who didn’t have a pregnancy photoshoot for her three kids decided to make up for it by having several shoots with her bloated tummy after welcoming all her children.

The mother-of-three said she never felt like having a photoshoot while pregnant with all three of her kids – two boys and a girl.

After she welcomed her daughter, she said her tummy did not shrink back to its previous size so she decided to make the most of it. She changed into different clothes and did photoshoots for the three different pregnancies she has carried.

She also photoshopped herself into different locations for each child’s pregnancy shoot. She added that when her kids are older, she will tell them the photos were taken when she was pregnant with them.

See the photos below.