MTV Base VJ, Ehiz trolls Soundcity over allegations that the station doesn’t pay salaries


Nigerian OAPs, Awazi and Mary a few days ago, slammed popular media house, Soundcity accusing the station of refusing to pay salaries to its members of staff.

The ladies took to Twitter to reveal the secret of the popular media house.

According to them, Soundcity has been owing staff for several years and have refused to pay.

They added that any staff that dares query the company over the unpaid salary gets fired.

Well, the incident which seems to have died down since it was shared on social media platforms, has been awaken by Famous VJ and presenter, Ehizojie also known as Ehiz in a new banter tweet.

A Twitter user @Ore_K wrote; “Salary weeeeekkkkkkkkk ‘ on the timeline

Ehiz, replying, decided to use the moment to troll Soundcity as he wrote: “Soundcity left the group”.

Meanwhile, going back to the allegations,

Mary wrote; “So ALL the OAPs that work at CMA (@Soundcity985FM and @Urban96FM ) went on a silent strike due to MNTHS of unpaid salaries but instead of settling things amicably, THREE of them were singled out and fired as a lesson to the others for daring to demand what is due to them.

“This is not an issue that started today, It has actually been going on for YEARS and now that they’ve had enough, some of them get fired as a way of silencing the rest. And guess what? It worked!

“This has to be the highest form of bullying I have ever seen. You owe your staff for MONTHS without any form of explanation/communication but go on to organize concert(S) and an award show and expect them to fold their arms and do nothing? Come on! These are the issues.”

Awazi wrote: “Lol this is not a joke. Great platform aside Soundcity is easily the worst place I’ve ever worked in my life and this is taking unpaid internships into consideration. The OAPs here are superheroes yet there constantly treated like shit.

“Burn the whole system to the fucking ground! In the last 8 months, so many people have asked me why I left soundcity and “threw away such a great opportunity”

“LOL y’all don’t know the half of it. At the time I left I knew I was much better unemployed than working under the horrible conditions I was subjected to at soundcity.Won’t even get deep into the details of things but imagine being for up to 5 months at a time then having to sit through some sort of interrogation with “HR” because you sent an insanely polite email asking for info on why you haven’t been paid.”