Mr stingy refuses to use state’s money to help it’s people, don’t make him your president – Tinubu warns supporters against Peter Obi

During his Political rally in Awka, tej capital of Anambra state, on Tuesday, the presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressive Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has advised the people of Anambra state not to vote Peter Obi noting that he is a danger to those who will fall for his misrule.

Speaking further, Tinubu noted that the Labour Party presidential candidate, Obi, was ill equiped to be governor because he is guilty of not developing his home state.

He said “I live in Lagos because i’m pleased with the progress we made in turning Lagos into one of Africa’s biggest economies. My opponent however refuses to live among you because he feels guilty for not giving you the development and growth you deserved from him. Mr stingy refused to use the state’s money to help its people that type of man is a danger to those unfortunate enough to be governor to be subject to his misrule. Do not make him your president”.

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