Movie Review: ‘ ‘Growing Pain’ is a splendid portrayal of Nigeria and her political framework

Growing Pain

For a short film not lasting longer than 17 minutes, Oru Russell portrays Nigeria and her political system in ‘Growing Pains’.

It’s a bold effort from the young Oru Russell that might not only kick off a conversation on the state of the nation but also position the filmmaker for a brilliant career.

The short film mirrors the life of a Nigerian politician, who struggles with his conscience in his bid for power and bad reign.

‘Growing Pain’ is the story of Hero, a nine years old slum boy and product of an extra-marital affair between Honorable Kane, a rich politician, and Esther, a young and naive lady.

The film traverses between three main stories, Hero’s journey from a confused young boy who found hope through the lens of a camera, Honorable Kane, who tries to find peace with his ten years old past and misrule, and Esther, a young and naive lady, whose course of life was redirected following her short-lived romance with Honourable Kane.

Rotimi Adelegan plays the role of Hon Kane in ‘Growing Pain’

Rotimi Adelegan (‘Hush’ star) delivers a tactful role of Honourable Kane, the politician, who is fighting hard with his conscience to change his ways while he’s been ‘arm twisted’ to remain in politics. Kane’s life begins to fall apart as ten years of regrets hits him straight in the face, a confession, a quest for absolution of his sins and a search for a light at the end of a political crossroad.

Growing Pain Trailer

In his delivery as the focus in the film, Lawal Nifemi plays the interesting role of Hero.

According to the script, Hero is the young boy and product of the short-lived affair between young and naive Esther, played by Debby Felix, and Honourable Kane. Seun Kentebeappears in few scenes playing the role of Raymond, the creative guy, who noticed Hero’s disturbing path and decided to help redirect his path with photography.

Esther, another important character, was well delivered by Debby Felix. From a naive young lady to a rejected and dejected single mum living in the slum, Esther struggles with the daily realities of raising a single boy and raising him to be her hero.

‘Growing Pain’ subtly touches on social issues such as drug usage among teenagers, institutionalized corruption and poverty. Honourable Kane had a field day in interpreting the life of a corrupt and non-caring politician.

The short film also captures the living condition of Nigerians in Nigeria, the slow decline and decadence in the country as well as the effect of the decisions of politicians on the people.

The movie is written and directed by Oru Russell and produced by Modupe Fakorede and Christopher Eluemuno.

According to Oru Russell, the film has been submitted for a number of film festivals. It’s safe to say Russell is on his way to prominence with the low budget short film – according to global practice.