Mother of 25-year-old graduate – Waje boasts, celebrates daughter (VIDEO)

Sensational Nigerian singer, Aituaje Iruobe, known professionally as Waje, has taken to social media to celebrate her daughter, Emerald, on her birthday.

The 43-year-old singer shared a video montage containing throwback photos of her daughter as a child and recent photos of her grown-up daughter to mark her silver jubilee year.

Expressing disbelief about being the mother of a 25-year-old university graduate, Waje asserted that she is breaking generational curses.

Waje captioned the video,

As you celebrate your 25th birthday, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of pride and gratitude for the remarkable young woman you have become. This milestone is not just a marker of time passing but a testament to your journey of growth, discovery, and self-realization ( the road still far 😉).
Faith is trusting in God, resilience, and finding meaning in the midst of uncertainty. unwavering faith will be source of strength, guiding you through life’s twists and turns with courage and grace.
Love, ah, the driving force that colors our world with beauty and meaning. Your capacity to love deeply and unconditionally has touched the lives of those around you in profound ways. Whether it’s the love you share with family, friends, or your community, it is a beacon of light that illuminates the darkest of days. Don’t let this wicked world take that away from you. It’s a beauty and a quality that is a reflection of your faith.

“Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life”
Don’t be afraid to Embrace your purpose with courage and conviction, knowing that you are contributing your part to the grand tapestry of humanity.
As you step into this new year of your life, I want you to know how deeply loved and cherished you are. May your faith continue to sustain you, your love continue to inspire you, your work continue to fulfill you, and your purpose continue to guide you on your journey.
Happy 25th birthday, my dear. May this year be filled with boundless blessings, profound moments of joy, and a deep sense of purpose that propels you forward on the path to your dreams.
With all my love MUM

Breaking generational curses!”

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