Mother of 12 gives birth to quadruplets at home in Kaduna


A 30-year-old mother of 12 has given birth to a set of quadruplet in her home in Makwalla community in Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State. The mother of 12 identified as Zainab Abu gave birth to a set of quadruplet without going for any antenatal care or medical check-up in her village because of lack of facilities and the distance barrier coupled with inadequate transportation facilities in the village.

She also revealed that she and several other housewives have never attended any antenatal, given birth in a hospital or been counseled on child spacing.

Zainab explained,

“l have been giving birth to multiple number of twins in the village without going for any medical diagnosis, or see a doctor. This time around wasn’t an exception when l gave birth to these children without attending any hospital because of the challenges we are going through in the village.”

“I have gone through serious pains, stress, and indeed it’s not really easy giving birth to four kids at a time in the village without any modern medical support. I thank God for helping me to have given birth to these children safely.

“I always used traditional medicine and other drugs from local drugs vendors in the village whenever l felt pains in my body.

“I also chose to give birth in the village for fear of using the canoe to cross the river and thereafter use motorcycle for a long distance before getting any modern medical facility. The pain involved and the fear of the unknown always make some of us in the village to take the risk of giving birth in the village.”