Mother laments boarding school life as son sleeps off during visitation

A concerned mother laments boarding school life after witnessing how swiftly her son undertaking the 2024 WAEC sleeps off in her presence right after feeding him.

The boy’s mother, Anwulika Udanoh, shared on Facebook that she eagerly awaits the end of the WASCE so her son can come home.

Mother laments boarding school life as son sleeps off in her presence
Mentioning their close relationship, her visit seemed to have relieved his exam-related stress as the boy fell asleep on her shoulder.

She, however, laughed at how her son was unbothered to act like a mummy’s boy around her despite being in the school premises.

“It is no longer news in the school that my son is the President of all gum-body children 😂😂😂. He didn’t even send other parents and students who were in the hall with us, he collected almost 1hr sleep on Mummy’s body, after eating 😅😅😅. WAEC should do and finish abeg because, I am not a fan of boarding school but, this is mandatory 🙄,” she captioned the post.


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