”Most of you did worse than the viral Lead British School student when you where in Secondary school” – Tacha slams Nigerians for seeking justice for bull!ed girl

Reality TV star, Tacha, receives backlash after condemning Nigerians for speaking on behalf of the bullied school girl of Lead British school in Abuja.

The internet sensation shared a video on her Instagram story, stating that most Nigerians were hypocrites.

According to her, many of them are also bullies and the sudden outrage is selective.

She insists that many people crying for justice were also bullies in secondary schools or had friends who use to bully and did nothing to stop them.

Tacha also made a case against those who constantly drag celebrities online but still claim to be against bullying.

She advised them to stop fighting for justice, saying that “why must heaven come down”, when most Nigerians are also bullies.

Watch the video here…..

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